AltaMed’s first-ever employee giving program launched March 15, 2017 to great success! A huge part of the success is due to the Giving Ambassadors who were advocates and active participants in the program. Throughout the organization, Giving Ambassadors hosted staff meetings, lunch socials, and other events to help raise awareness about this great new opportunity. One such ambassador was Christina Castillo, Administrative Assistant to Kathrina Bidwell, Director for the Contact Center. Christina had just completed her three month anniversary with AltaMed when she heard about our new workplace giving program and right away, she knew she had to be involved.


You recently came to AltaMed, what drew you to this company? 

Christina: Honestly, I was looking for a forever home. I had come to a point in my life where I felt like I was in a good place with my family and school, so I wanted to take care of my future. And really, I was looking to work in an industry that helps others. Once I was here and learned about all the different programs we offer our patients, I truly believe I am with the perfect company. I didn’t realize that programs like PACE or our Youth Services existed.

Being so new to AltaMed and your team, what really stood out to you about the environment of the company?

Christina: I’ve been here five months now and I have to say that the employee engagement is really strong. It really feels like we’re creating a ‘family’ feel within our team. Our leadership team does morning walk-throughs and the [Contact Center Representatives] appreciate that we take the time to check in on them. I also respect how the company invests back into our employees with programs like Vitality and the employee gym.

How did you engage your team in helping you spread the word of AltaMed GIVES?

Christina: I recruited Claudia Lara, Training Specialist and Jose Chavez, Quality Analyst to help in encouraging staff to be a part of the program. They would provide friendly reminders about signing up and, most importantly, reinforce the positive message of the program and the impact we could make as a team.

It can often be difficult to approach people and ask them to donate money. Were you nervous about asking your coworkers to participate?

Christina: Yes, I was nervous about asking people to donate because you never know how someone may react. Also, I presented the program during our staff meeting which is always packed with tons of information and we only have a small amount of time. I hoped that the message I delivered to them would resonate and I reminded our team that it wasn’t a ‘you must participate’ but something completely voluntary that they could do to help support. It’s not about the amount you give. You don’t have to feel like ‘I can only do a dollar’ because every little bit counts and every dollar we give adds up.

Thanks to the hard work of Christina, Claudia, Jose and the entire team, over 50% of their team pledged to support AltaMed GIVES and will raise over $2,143.

Employee Giving Pledge Form

Enrollment is easy. Select a program and submit a pledge form. Your pledge will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

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