What is the purpose of the Employee Giving Program?

The Employee Giving Program provides AltaMed Employees an opportunity to pool together resources in support of our patients and the communities we serve. The Employee Giving Committee will determine local programs, projects and activities to support, based on what you – the employees – are most passionate about. Employees will have the opportunity to make a monthly gift or one-time donation for any amount toward positively impacting our community. The goal of AltaMed GIVES is to bring employees together in support of our mission by giving back to the patients/participants we care for every day.

Who can participate?

Any AltaMed Health Services employee who is considered a fulltime employee, who is interested in the program, is welcome to participate.

Can a part-time employee or per diem participate in the program?

Any employee that is considered part-time or is a per diem can participate in the program. However, they are not eligible to enroll in automatic payroll deductions. If the person chooses to make a donation to AltaMed GIVES, they may do so by visiting www.altamedgives.org. 

What is the Employee Giving Committee? 

The Employee Giving Committee is made up of AltaMed employees, who meet to determine which causes will be supported each year based upon suggestions that come directly from AltaMed employees. Employees can self-nominate to be on the committee.

What is a Giving Ambassador? 

A Giving Ambassador is an AltaMed employee that serves as an advocate for AltaMed GIVES in their department or at their work site and leads by example by embracing the goal of the program. Ambassadors can serve on the Employee Giving Committee, participate in Giving Back events, and recruit staff to the giving program.

How are Giving Ambassadors chosen?

For the launch year, managers and supervisors nominate employees, primarily those in non-management positions, to be a Giving Ambassador. The Development Department has followed up with each nomination to confirm that the employee is interested in volunteering with AltaMed GIVES. Those that have agreed to volunteer will be Giving Ambassadors for a one-year term. For the second and subsequent years, employees will have the opportunity to self-nominate.

How does the program work? 

An employee can make either a one-time gift or enter into a workplace giving arrangement by making a regular donation via AltaMed’s payroll system utilizing the electronic deduction form [link to form]. An Employee Giving Committee will review programs proposed by AltaMed’s business units and employees annually and select which to support for the coming year. Once programs are selected, employees may choose which one(s) their donations will support.

What are the benefits of participating in Employee Giving?

a) The program provides the opportunity to give back by pulling valuable resources together for our patients and community.
b) Participants will have the chance to meet and partner with AltaMed employees from other sites and departments.
c) Additionally, employees will be eligible to receive tax deductions for monetary donations.

Can I contribute to more than one program/project?

Employees will be able to select from the approved programs/project/activities as decided by the Employee Giving Committee.  Once the employee has selected which program(s) that they would like to support, they then can designate what dollar amount they would like to give to each.

Can I donate something other than money?

Depending upon which programs/projects/activities employees choose to support, there may be opportunities to donate items. For example, employees may choose to host a toy drive leading up to the holidays, in which case toy donations would be accepted. In addition, the Development Department will be offering volunteer opportunities for those employees who wish to make a donation of time. Volunteer opportunities will be based on the programs/projects/activities the employees chose to support and all AltaMed employees will be welcomed to participate

Can I make a cash donation or write a check?

Actual cash will not be accepted as a form of donation. At no time should an employee be asked to provide cash as part of the donation process. If any employee approaches you requesting a cash donation for AltaMed GIVES please inform you supervisor immediately as well as the Development Department at [email protected] At this time, AltaMed GIVES is not accepting checks as part of the donation process.

Once the money is collected, how will the dollars be given to the programs?

Funds will be distributed as dictated by the schedule of each program/project/activity, and as decided upon by the Employee Giving Committee. Each employee will be able to designate which program/project/activity their funds support and the development manager will ensure those funds will be dispersed accordingly.

How will I know how where the money is going? 

Employees will be able to view monthly updates on dollars donated and dollars spent at www.altamedgives.com. You can also contact the Development Department at [email protected] for additional support.

When will the funds be used? 

Funds raised will be used as appropriate for each chosen project, program, or activity. For example, funds for a toy drive would be used in December, but funds raised to support the homeless could be used as a fundraising goal is reached. Employees will be notified when funds are going to be dispersed.

Is this a one-time donation or does it continue over time? 

Employees can make either a one-time donation or allow for electronic payroll deductions to occur over a one-year period. There is no dollar amount minimum or requirement to participate in the program. Employees should donate at the capacity or level that you are comfortable donating. Employees will have the opportunity to continue their enrollment in the program when open enrollment begins March 2018.

Do the funds raised go back to AltaMed? 

This program is committed 100% to transparency and accuracy. Funds raised will not be used to support AltaMed’s business operations. Money that is donated will be monitored as its own account which will be housed within the Development Department’s budget. The Development Department will provide financial reports on a monthly and/or quarterly basis at www.altamedgives.org and any employee can request to see a detailed financial statement if they wish. If employees would like additional information how the money is managed, please contact the Development Department at [email protected].

Will donated funds pay for an AltaMed Employee’s salary or program expenses? 

No, these funds will be directed to provide support for programs/projects/activities as voted on by the Employee Giving Committee. AltaMed pays for all administrative costs of this program so that 100% of an employee’s dollar goes to supporting the communities we serve.

Is there a minimum amount of funds that need to be raised?

No, there is no minimum amount of money that needs to be raised. Of course, we would like to raise as much as possible to make the biggest impact on our patients and the communities we serve! 19. What happens if I take unpaid leave, family medical leave of absence, or go on workman’s compensation?It is the responsibility of the employee to notify their supervisors and the appropriate Human Resources staff about any leave of absence. An employee does not have to notify the Development Department however in order to avoid unwanted payroll deductions from occurring, they can email the Development Department at [email protected] and ask to be removed from the program. They do not need to provide a reason for why they would like to be removed. Please note: all deductions made are non-refundable.

What happens if I am terminated?

Any employee that is terminated will be dis-enrolled from the AltaMed GIVES program. No attempts will be made to collect the outstanding balance of the charitable donation at the time of their termination, nor will any attempts be made to collect their charitable donation beyond their employment with AltaMed. Payroll will notify the Development Department of any employee that is terminated and will remove the individual’s name from any future mailings.

Where can I find more information about the program?

Employees are encouraged to visit www.altamedgives.org where they will be able to access newsletters, budgetary information, programs/projects/activities supported, frequently asked questions, deduction authorization forms and other relevant programmatic items. Employees can also reach out to their site’s designated Giving Ambassador or Employee Giving Committee members for additional information, or email the Development Department at [email protected].

Employee Giving Pledge Form

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