How to Give

At AltaMed, our employees stand by our mission of providing quality care without exception to the patients and communities we serve. In 2016, the employees of AltaMed recognized that there was a need to provide support for services that went beyond the medical office… In response, AltaMed’s first employee giving program launched March 15th as AltaMed GIVES.

AltaMed GIVES empowers our over 2,500 employees to harness the power of their tax-deductible contributions and volunteer efforts to benefit the patients we serve. Participating in this employee-led program is easy – employees can make either a one-time monetary donation or select to make automatic payroll deductions via AltaMed’s payroll system. Here’s the fun part: YOU get to decide which programs, services and activities we support!  By coming together with your fellow employees to support our community, we can make a difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

Are you ready to jump in and support AltaMed GIVES? All employees will have a chance to participate by volunteering for AltaMed GIVES events, serving as a Giving Ambassador or by joining the Employee Giving Committee. Want to find out more? Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions.

Employee Giving Pledge Form

Enrollment is easy. Select a program and submit a pledge form. Your pledge will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Online Pledge Form

  Click here to download the form!