Description of Programs

Area of Greatest Need

Funds go to support basic necessities. The Employee Giving Committee votes on which quarterly initiatives to fund. This includes but is not limited to Hygiene kits, winter packets, and back-to-school supplies.

Immediate Needs Fund

A fund that supports patients/participants who do not have access to basic needs affecting their health and well-being. The Employee Giving Committee reviews requests on a weekly basis until the $4,000 fund per month is exhausted.  AltaMed employees and their immediate family are not eligible to apply.  AltaMed employees can apply on behalf of a patient/participant for the fund, click here.

Employee Proposals

These requests are submitted by a team of employees for a specific need within their site or service population. The Employee Giving Committee will review and approve these proposals. (Launch date to be announced)

Garden for Good Project at PACE East Los Angeles.

Awarded $3,500

The Garden for Good project focuses on educating patients on gardening practices, healthy foods, exercises to enhance their fine motor skills, and provide opportunity for supervised outdoor activities.

Workforce Development Scholarship Program for AltaMed’s Workforce Development Department

Awarded $8,000

Program will provide 8 high school seniors from low-income, Latino/multi-ethnic communities in LA County with scholarships to pursue a higher education in STEM/healthcare related careers..