About AltaMed Gives

AltaMed believes that through collaboration and support, we can improve the quality of health and living in our communities.

AltaMed Gives, our employee giving program, combines the collective efforts of our workforce to raise funds that directly impact our patients. Our dedicated employees are committed to our mission of providing quality health and human services to those in need. We care about the community because we are the community. We believe we all deserve to live healthy, safe lives in our homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

We accomplish this work in different ways: our Community Care Fund, employee proposals, and areas of greatest need that directly address the changing needs of our community. Our commitment to our patients’ health and wellbeing goes beyond the exam room. We adapt and help our community members through the increasingly difficult and complex situations they face every day. We want to ensure that these problems are addressed not just when they walk through our doors, but when they walk out of them too.

Provides funds for our patients and participants who need immediate help and have limited resources.

Support families with food and housing insecurity
Suport families who have lost a loved one
Support uninsured patients experiencing financial instability

Employees identify a problem and propose a solution.

Brainstorm a project with your team
Submit your proposal application
Committee reviews and responds

Provide patients and participants with essentials for everyday life.

Give kits that include hygiene and clothing items
Give backpacks with school supplies
Hold quarterly volunteer events to package items